Spring 2014

{April 12-26, 2014}     {Standard Toykraft}     {Brooklyn, NY}


The Tower is a psychedelic journey into the history and mythology of the Donner Party, a group of snowbound pioneers who notoriously resorted to cannibalism to survive the brutal winter of 1846-47. Historical narrative collides with hallucinatory imagery to create a shifting landscape filled with the whispers of the past and the roar of the future.

A vision of adolescent America: frostbitten, bloodstained, ravenous.





CAST: Elizabeth Bays (AntiMatter’s MOTHERBOARD), Courtney Fenwick, Rebecca Hirota* (AntiMatter’s MOTHERBOARD), Marlowe Holden, Andrew Krug* (AntiMatter’s MOTHERBOARD), Christopher Norwood*, Joe Petersen, Scott Raker*, Leah Walsh* (Signature’s The Orphans’ Home Cycle), Curry Whitmire* (nominated NYIT Outstanding Actor in a Featured Role, christopher marlowe’s chloroform dreams)

*courtesy AEA

CREATIVE TEAM: Written by Adam Scott Mazer (AntiMatter’s DEATH VALLEY, MOTHERBOARD), Directed byPhilip Gates, Dramaturgy by Maya Rook, Choreography by Marine Sialelli, Scenery by Patrick McNaughton, Lighting by Alana Jacoby, Sound by Will Fulton, Props by Danielle Baskin, Projection by Sam Kusnetz, Special Effects by Stephanie Cox-Williams (named NYC’s Queen of Gore by New York Press)

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